Posted by: sksmiller11 | October 28, 2008

Dr. Appt Today

Last night we decided to call the doctor because I have had some abnormal cramping the last few days, and we just wanted to make sure everything was okay.  I went in this morning with my Mom (Scotty had a dr. appt with the ENT) and the doc said everything looks fine!  He just wants me to “take it easy” and keep an eye on everything!  We are relieved to know that it is nothinig serious, and baby’s doing good.  We should hear from Loma Linda within the next few days to set up an appointment for a consultation.  We are looking forward to going there, and we will obtain some more information!

As for Scotty’s appt, his throat looks good, just a bit strained and tired.  Although we all think he sounds wonderful, we need to get him some voice lessons so he can learn to sing properly.

Kadin and Jake are doing great.  We were all sitting in bed last night thinking of baby names.  Kadin likes “sammy” and Jakie likes “baby.”

So, we’re all doing well, and will update on anything new.

Posted by: sksmiller11 | October 27, 2008

The Journey Begins!

Welcome to our new blog! We are so glad you’ve taken the time to check this out.  We hope that this will be way to update friends and family about what’s happening with our family. 

This is update #1:

If you don’t already know WE ARE EXPECTING!, baby #3!! It is very exciting (and scary!!).  As if that news wasn’t big enough, we found that our new baby boy has an anomaly called “Gastroschisis”. For more info check this out: (  Basically it means that his bowels are on the outside of his body. Yeah, it sounds pretty crazy. We have met with the High Risk Doc, Dr. Steiger, and he has reassured us that this is fixable and fairly common, and that if the baby was going to have an anomaly this is the one to have (As weird as that might sound). 

So, we begin this journey down a road of uncertainty, anticipation, and excitement.  We are so blessed to have such a tight knit family, and close friends that will be part of the journey with us, every step of the way.  Even better than that, we know God is bigger than this, so we have faith and trust that He is in control and we give this to Him. Something we have to do daily!!  There is an anticipation to see what and how God is going to move through this situation, and what he is going to teach us through this.  He has already shown us signs of his faithfulness and eternal love thus far. 

A big part of this blog will be about this Journey and we hope that one day it might help someone else who is dealing with this. We also hope that it will be an easier way to communicate with everyone about what’s happening. If any of you know of anybody who has gone through this, please comment, we would love to hear stories.

So that’s it. The first entry done and many more to come.  We will try to include pictures and even video’s if we can.